This year, Farm Progress Show is launching a special campaign to help Iowa's veterans. Our unique fundraising drive requires no financial contribution from our attendees. We are only asking attendees to register for the show online or fill out a registration card on site.

All we need is your contact info and a valid email address and / or phone number and Farm Progress Show will donate $1 for each and every online registration and registration card we receive.*

Take Part

The more people who register to take part, the bigger the contribution to Iowa's veterans. We hope this campaign serves not only as a very useful resource for veterans, but also as an opportunity to build community among the thousands of people who attend Farm Progress Show. After all, many of our attendeeds are veterans themselves.

Why the VFW?
We have chosen to work with the VFW of Iowa to ensure that the money we raise will stay within the state of Iowa and serve the veterans there—many of whom are farmers, just like you.

Where will the money go?
The money we raise will be donated to the VFW Iowa State Relief Fund. This is a fund run by the state's VFW that is available to veterans and their families for all sorts of reasons—for things like medical expenses, housing costs, and even food.

How can attendees to the Farm Progress Show take part in this campaign?
It's easy to become a part of the campaign. Buy your tickets to Farm Progress Show in advance, and your registration will automatically serve as a donation to the cause. Please note, every online ticket purchase to Farm Progress Show online is automatically counted as one registrant, regardless of how many tickets the individual purchased, and $1 will donated to the VFW of Iowa’s State Relief Fund as a result.

You can also fill out a registration form at the show.
Where can we register at the show?
The campaign will have registration cards available at the entry gates and within the Wallaces Farmer Hospitality Tent.

In addition, local veterans will be on hand to help out in the Hospitality Tent and at the gate. Please stop by the Hospitality Tent and say thank you to a vet!

How much do attendees need to pay to take part?
Nothing. If you buy your Farm Progress Show ticket online, you are taking part in this fundraiser. On site, attendees need only to fill out the registration card to become a part of the campaign.

Each attendees valid contact information (email or phone) will trigger giving. The more registrations we collect, the more money Farm Progress can raise to help veterans in Iowa.*

*Farm Progress Show and Penton will cap donations at $15,000.
Take Part